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TreeAge Pro 2016

Starting at: $800.00
(about ¥100,452)

  • S4RProductID: 605
  • Manufactured by: TreeAge Software, Inc

TreeAge Pro 2015 is released!

  • Time-to-Event simulation: New node types and functions were added to facilitate time-to-event simulation.
  • Monte Carlo output filtering: Filter output data based on user-defined criteria. Change active payoffs without rerunning the analysis. Generate secondary reports based on the filtered data.
  • Performance: Enhanced software to improve viewing and editing performance when working with large models.
  • Clones: View clone copies expanded. When errors occur within the expanded clone copy, highlight the proper node in the clone copy.
  • Analysis keywords: Added/improved analysis keywords. Some keywords allow execution of commands after analyses or before/after specific iterations within simulations. Other keywords accumulate rewards within the analysis to drive model flow or verify/debug models.
  • Monte Carlo output view: Hide specific secondary outputs from Microsimulation output when those outputs are only valid for Probabilistic Sensitivity Analysis.
  • Enhanced branch and path probability functions: BranchProb and PathProb functions can now be used within the model rather than only at terminal nodes.
  • Restructured categories in model input views: Improved UI to use less space for categories except when specifically working with categories.

TreeAge Pro Products

TreeAge Pro Healthcare

TreeAge Pro Healthcare includes everything in the base product, plus the Healthcare Module. The Healthcare Module supports Markov models, cost-effectiveness analysis, net benefits, healthcare reporting and patient-specific simulations. TreeAge Pro models are widely accepted in the scientific community and regulatory agencies as a standard modeling platform.
It does not include the optional Excel Module.

TreeAge Pro Core

TreeAge Pro Core is our base modeling product and now includes the Excel Module, replacing the TreeAge Pro Excel product. It does not include the Healthcare Module.

TreeAge Pro Products Bundle Comparison

System Requirements

To run TreeAge Pro, your computer must meet the following system requirements.



-Minimum 1 GHz
-Recommend at least 2GHz for long simulations
-Multiple processors/cores supported
-64-bit chip and OS recommended for large trees


-Minimum 4GB RAM
-Recommend 8GB RAM for large trees

*Disk Space

-Minimum 200MB


-Java 1.6 or later must be installed
-64-bit Windows TreeAge Pro requires 64-bit Java
-32-bit Windows TreeAge Pro requires 32-bit Java
-Click here to download the proper Java version for Windows
-Choose Software Updates from the Apple menu to check your version of Java on Mac

*Windows OS

-Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista


-Core 2 Duo or newer (Intel) processor – 64-bit
-Mac OSX 10.6 or higher (OSX 10.5.8 requires special installer available via


-Support for 32-bit and 64-bit Linux

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