Kubios HRV Premium


Kubios HRV software is a scientific tool for heart rate variability (HRV) analysis.
The software is suitable for clinical and public health researchers, professionals working on human or animal wellbeing, or sports enthusiasts; for anybody who want to perform detailed analyses on heart rate variability, e.g. to examine autonomic nervous system function.


A full featured heart rate variability analysis software for scientific research and professional use:


  • Supports wide range of ECG, PPG and RR interval data formats (including a direct export from Polar Flow)
  • Accurate QRS and pulse wave detection
  • Automatic artefact correction algorithm
  • Automatic analysis sample generation
  • Computes all commonly used time-domain, frequency-domain and nonlinear HRV analysis parameters
  • Time-varying analysis (time trends within e.g. 24-hour recordings or exercise and recovery periods)
  • Detailed reporting options (CSV, PDF, MAT and “SPSS friendly” batch file exports)

Analysis results can be used for detailed assessment of cardiac autonomic regulation and can be used for example to assess stress and recovery.


More information: Kubios HRV Premium brochure


Kubios HRV Premium license is perpetual.  

Within the first year, you are entitle to download all updates of the software and to receive technical support.
In addition, you can transfer the license from one computer to another one.


If you want to continue using Kubios HRV Premium after the first year, you should purchase our maintenance package, which gives you access to all updates, technical support and license transfers (1 per year) for the next 1-year period.

【System Requirements】 



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