SuperLab is a tool for building experiments that has been sold in over 70 countries.

It is designed For Researchers, Not Programmers.
You can build psychology experiments, run them, and collect reaction time data without relaying on scripting nor programming.


Hardware (the RB Series Response Pads, SV-1 Voice Key etc) is also available.



 ・ Real Experiments. Ready.
A range of classic and demo experiments are available for download. The classic experiments are based on published papers and come with a free, downloadable lab book that describes the experiment, the paper that it’s based on, and the results.

・Stimulus Types
Some files types may be supported on only one platform, but all features work on either Mac or Windows version.

  • Picture Files
  • Movies
  • RSVP
  • Self-Paced Reading
  • Text
  • Sound Files
  • Digital Output
  • Serial Output



・Extensive Hardware Support
- RB Series (Desktop response pads)
- Lumina (fMRI Response Pads)
- SV-1 (Voice Key)

- StimTracker
- Cedrus Response Device
- National Instruments and Measurement Computing


【System Requirements】



Windows XP (with Service Pack 3), Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10.

(For using movies, you need DirectX 9.0 and a video card that works with DirectX 9.0, including support for hardware acceleration and VMR.)



An Intel-based Mac and Mac OS 10.7 or later

Both versions of SuperLab can play movies on a single core or single processor computer, but playing movies smoothly requires a dual core computer.


Having a very good video card is more important than the processing speed of the CPU!


Redondo Beach, CA  90277, U.S.A.